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National Drink Days in 2021

English Wine 22nd February 2021
A line of drinks to celebration national alcoholic drink days

Times have been tough lately, so having a few extra reasons to celebrate in 2021 wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world! We’ve noted some of the most important National Drink Days (in our opinion) below so make sure you mark them on your calendar and get stocked up with the relevant drinks beforehand – you won’t want to miss out!

National Drink Wine Day – February 18th

Definitely one of our favourite days of the year, as you can imagine! It gives the perfect excuse for you to crack open a bottle of English wine and put your feet up – you’ve earned it!

Open That Bottle Night – Last Saturday of February

Have you got a bottle of something that you’ve been holding onto for a special occasion? Well, this is that day. The day was created by wine critics Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher in the late 1990s, encouraging their readers to open a significant bottle and share their stories – why don’t you do the same and let us know the significance of your bottle?

National Mulled Wine Day – March 3rd

Although traditionally associated with Christmas, National Mulled Wine Day actually falls in March! So, if you’ve still got a bottle of mulled wine left over from Christmas, this is the perfect time to warm it up as you say goodbye to winter and hello to the start of spring.

National Beer Day – April 7th

While you might not be able to get to the local pub for a pint at the minute, there’s no reason why you can’t pop the top off a beer at home to celebrate. While we might not have any beers for you to celebrate with, you could always swap it for our Blackbeer and Raisin wine – we won’t tell anyone!

World Cocktail Day – May 13th

The word “cocktail” was first defined in the Oxford Dictionary on May 13th, 1806, so that seems like the perfect anniversary to celebrate with something delicious. If you’re struggling for inspiration on what to make, we’ve got plenty of ideas in the cocktail recipe section of our blog, which you can find here.

World Gin Day – June 12th

Join the global celebrations for World Gin Day by enjoying the spirit in your favourite way – be it in a gin and tonic, a cocktail or on its own! Check out our fabulous selection of Devon gins and pick which one you’re going to celebrate with. And if you’re not sure which way to enjoy it, we’ve got a few ideas on the ways you can enjoy it here.

World Rum Day – July 11th

Celebrate all things rum on July 11th with our Devon spiced rum and mix it up however you like! If you need some inspiration for ways to enjoy our Lugger rum, check out our blog post here. There is also a National Rum Day on August 16th which is mainly celebrated in America but has slowly been creeping across the world. So, if you want to celebrate twice this year, be our guest – it’ll be our little secret…!

Mead Day – August 1st

The nectar of the Gods certainly deserves its celebratory day, and that’s just what you can do on the 1st August. Historically presented to newlyweds to enjoy during what we now call their honeymoon; mead has come a long way since then! You can now choose from a plethora of flavours and styles, so if you’re yet to try the golden liquor or you’re a regular drinker, why not buy mead online from us and celebrate Mead Day in style this year?

National Rum Punch Day – September 20th

Just in case you needed another reason to sample some Lugger Rum, you can mix up a big batch of rum punch this September.

International Gin and Tonic Day – October 19th

A day dedicated to one of the staple British cocktails – yes, please! International Gin and Tonic Day allows you to get a bit experimental with your gins, tonics and garnishes. Luckily, we’ve put together a pairing guide for our gins, which you can read here. Be sure to let us know which combo is your favourite on our social media channels.

National Happy Hour Day – November 12th

Traditionally, National Happy Hour Day is a time to enjoy half-price cocktails and appetizers at your favourite bar or restaurant, and hopefully, by the time November 2021 rolls around, you’ll be able to do that once more! But if not, there’s nothing to stop you from whipping up your own food and cocktails at home – here’s what you need for homemade cocktails.

National Champagne Day – December 31st

Of course, it is traditional to see in the new year with a glass of bubbly – but why limit yourself to champagne? You could always branch out and try our Brut Reserve as a refreshing alternative; we’re sure you’ll love it!

Did we miss any?

These are just some of the days you might want to celebrate in 2021 to keep your spirits high – pardon the pun! But did we miss any? Be sure to let us know on our social media channels, as well as how you plan to celebrate any of the big days. Head on over to our InstagramFacebook and Twitter pages to drop us a message.

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