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    Traditional Mead
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    Traditional Mead

    A sweet, full-flavoured mead with rich, deep honey flavours and a moreish honeycomb finish. A great accompaniment to strong cheeses and full-flavoured casseroles.

    lyme bay winery traditional mead bottle with glass and selection of cheeses

    Mead, the world’s oldest alcoholic drink, is making a comeback!

    Often referred to as the “Nectar of the Gods”, the golden drink has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, with the demand from people eager to buy mead reaching new heights, which has certainly kept us busy!

    Here at Lyme Bay, we have been perfecting our award-winning meads for over 15 years now and often experiment with new and bold flavours to push the boundaries of what is possible with mead.

    If you are new to mead, then our Traditional Mead is the perfect place to start. If you feel more adventurous, why not try our delectable array of delicious, flavoured meads?

    Our comprehensive guide om the best ways to enjoy mead

    What is mead?

    Mead, the world’s oldest alcoholic drink, is created by honey and water fermented with yeast, sometimes containing various fruits, spices, grains, or hops. It is believed that mead was essentially first been discovered when accidentally some honey got wet. When raw honey gets moisture into it, there is a chance that natural yeast will start a fermentation process that converts the sugar in honey into alcohol. Nowadays, the yeast used in mead making is often identical to that used in winemaking.

    Alcohol By Volume (ABV): Volume: Diet:

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