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    5 New Drinks to Try in the New Year

    Fruit Wines 19th December 2019

    The new year is traditionally a time where we are encouraged to get rid of our old bad habits and take up all kinds of increasingly weird and wonderful diet and fitness crazes which are supposed to whip us into shape for the months ahead.

    But if – like us – you’re not a fan of jumping on the latest faddy bandwagons just because everyone else seems to have climbed aboard the trendy train, then we think we have a better idea.

    Of course, it’s exciting to start the new year with a bit of a shake-up of the old routines, so because we are all about high-quality drinks, we recommend trying new twists on familiar favourites, such as some of our more unusual fruit wines and our latest ciders.

    Fruit Wine

    Each one of our fruit wines is made with immense care and attention to bring out the character and depth of each particular flavour.

    If you are looking for something closer to your favourite red wine, our Blackbeer and Raisin wine is a sweet dark wine with a rich, malty flavour and sherry-like character. Ideally served at room temperature, it is the perfect accompaniment to full-flavoured hard cheese.

    Fruit Cider

    Made exclusively by us, our Annings fruit ciders use real fruit extracts carefully blended with cider to produce a range of refreshingly moreish drinks in five delicious flavours.

    For something truly refreshing and original, our limited edition Annings Elderflower & Cucumber fruit cider is made with elderflower juice and cucumber extracts.


    The nectar of the gods, the golden liquor of poets, lovers and kings and thought by many an elixir of health, fertility and longevity, our award-winning meads are fermented, blended and aged on site using our secret blends of honey to create the rich, floral and pungent characteristics for which they are famed.

    Our Rhubarb mead showcases the delicious pairing of honey and rhubarb. Served chilled or on the rocks, this tangy mead has the sweetness and fruitiness to partner it perfectly with blue cheese and terrines, as well as ice cream and fruit-based desserts.

    Cider Brandy

    We are delighted to be a distributor of wonderful products from the Somerset Cider Brandy Company: traditional drinks that invoke all the magic and mystery of the West Country’s proud cidermaking and apple-growing heritage.

    Cocktail fans love the Apple Eau De Vie – a clear spirit that comes straight from the stills rather than being aged in oak barrels. It is characterised by a wonderful fresh apple flavour and nose, and a strong spirit aftertaste.

    Pink Grapefruit Gin

    This mouth-watering gin bursts with the flavours of pink grapefruit, orange peel and lime alongside the more delicate botanical aromas of juniper and elderflower.

    Spectacular over ice or as a different G&T idea, our Pink Grapefruit gin is a beautiful marriage of the floral and citrus flavours for which Lyme Bay is renowned.

    So there you have it. If you want to spring into the new year with a real sense of renewal, you don’t have to ditch everything you love. Just shake up your old favourites and give some new flavour combinations a try.

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