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    Fruit Wine

    Each of our Fruit, Country Wines is made with immense care and attention to bring out the best ingredients.
    A cocktail made using Lyme Bay Strawberry Wine


    Delicious Country Fruit Wines


    Fruit wines are growing in popularity here in the UK, thanks to discerning drinkers on the lookout for something new to try and our climate and landscape that create the optimum conditions for growing a wide variety of fruits.

    Here at Lyme Bay Winery, we source the best ingredients and constantly strive to improve the depth and enhance the taste of each delicious variety. Expertly crafted from the bounty of Britain’s orchards, hedgerows and woodlands, there’s much more to our fruit wines than you might expect.

    Visit Lyme Bay Winery and explore our diverse collection. We are certain you will be delighted with the wonderfully fruity wine available!



    Discover Our Fruit Wines


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    Summer Berry Wine

    ABV 11%


    Ginger Wine

    ABV 14.5%


    Cherry Wine

    ABV 11%


    Blackbeer and Raisin Wine

    ABV 14.5%


    Elderflower Wine

    ABV 11%


    Damson Wine

    ABV 11%


    Strawberry Wine

    ABV 11%


    Blackberry Wine

    ABV 11%


    Apricot Wine

    ABV 11%


    Elderberry Wine

    ABV 11%


    Nettle Wine

    ABV 11%


    Ginger Wine 375ml

    ABV 14.5%


    Cherry Wine 375ml

    ABV 11%


    Elderflower Wine 375ml

    ABV 11%


    Strawberry Wine 375ml

    ABV 11%


    Christmas Pudding Wine

    ABV 10%


    Mulled Wine

    ABV 5.5%


    Miniature Fruit Wine Gift Box

    ABV 11/14.5%


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    lyme bay winery fruit wine bottles

    What is Fruit Wine?


    It may sound a little counterintuitive to call a specific type of wine ‘fruit wine’. All wine is made from fruit, isn’t it?

    Yes, it is, but traditionally, ‘wine’ refers to any grape-based variety and ‘fruit wine’ encompasses everything else, including floral wines such as Elderflower wine. Fruit wine can be made from virtually any plant matter that can be fermented, which means there are almost limitless possibilities!

    All of these wonderful fruits can produce juice that can be used to create a fruit wine like our smooth, full-flavoured Cherry Wine 

    Fruit wines typically have comparable alcohol levels to traditional wine, somewhere between 10-15%, but can come in low alcohol forms like cider. In the UK, fruit wine is also called country wine.

    Meet Our Winemakers


    James Lambert holding a glass of wine

    James Lambert

    Head Winemaker and MD

    James started his winemaking career at a young age. Cutting his teeth in the wine labs at Broadland Drinks, testing 20 to 30 wines per day, he enrolled on a wine appreciation course led by Frank Leatherdale. James credits Frank’s knowledge, enthusiasm and passion, for setting him on his career journey into wine.

    He quickly moved onto his first WSET course, and his passion for wine was set. He started a tailor-made role within Broadland, looking after wine quality and working with various winemakers worldwide.

    In 2006, drawn by Lyme Bay Winery’s ambition to plant a vineyard and make still English wines, he took the job and relocated to Devon. While others had already shown that sparkling English wines of real quality could be made, he felt that still wines had significantly more potential.

    Sarah Massey in front of wine vats

    Sarah Massey

    Assistant Winemaker

    Sarah joined Lyme Bay in 2019, just before harvest. Before that (she describes herself as a ”travelling winemaker”), she worked at wineries in California, Australia and Burgundy. She wasn’t planning on staying for longer than one harvest at Lyme Bay Winery but enjoyed it so much she decided to lay her hat down.

    During the 2020 harvest, Sarah worked the day shift and was astounded at the quality of the fruit, crediting it with a ripeness she has never seen in English grapes before and is excited about the wines we’re creating from this harvest.

    Sarah is also working on her own unique project creating a small batch of sauvignon blanc, which is looking great and will be ready to release later this year.

    The Lyme Bay Story

    Lyme Bay Winery is the home of LBW Drinks. Our small, dedicated drinks company is full of people who are passionate about producing delicious and award-winning English Wine, Fruit Wine, Cider, Mead, Liqueurs and Spirits from our home in Devon’s beautiful Axe Valley.

    Here we combine our knowledge and love of flavours and ingredients with our wine-making skills to craft award-winning traditional drinks tailored to the 21st-century palate. Each of these amazing products is fermented, blended and aged, as appropriate, right here at the Winery under the supervision of our experienced team.


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