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    Devon Gin

    Stamped with the Lyme Bay seal of excellence and drawing on our experience infusing the most exciting flavour combinations, our range of Devon gins showcases the very best of Lyme Bay.
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    Using a careful selection of the finest botanicals gives our gin a layered, citrus character that allows other flavours room to breathe. We don’t seek bold overwhelming notes but rather subtle expressions lifted with a simple tonic to give a sophisticated yet refreshing drink.



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    Lyme Bay Pink Grapefruit Gin

    ABV 40%


    Lyme Bay Dry Gin

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    Lyme Bay Winter Gin

    ABV 40%


    Lyme Bay Elderflower & Cucumber Gin

    ABV 40%


    Lyme Bay Orange & Thyme Gin

    ABV 40%


    Lyme Bay Damson Gin Liqueur

    ABV 26%


    Lyme Bay Sloe Gin Liqueur

    ABV 26%


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    lyme bay winery dry gin bottle with spices and fruits

    Dry Gin

    Our beautifully fresh and invigorating dry gin bursts with traditional botanical flavours of juniper, floral and citrus notes alongside intoxicating aromas of verbena and the freshness of orange peel, lemon and lime. Enjoy this most uplifting of gins with fine tonic water and a slice of lemon from dusk till dawn, and with a twist of orange peel. Alternatively, the smoothness and elegance of the gin help make for a fine dry martini.

    Profile: Our Lyme Bay Dry gin has a fresh and invigorating taste, bursting with juniper flavours along with floral and citrus notes

    Garnish: The perfect garnish is a slice of lemon or a twist of orange.

    Tonic Pairing: Coupling it with a standard or Mediterranean tonic water would be our choice.

    lyme bay winery elderflower and cucumber gin bottle with spices and fruits

    Elderflower and Cucumber Gin

    The heady aromas of elderflower coupled with the succulence of cucumber make for a seriously mouth-watering gin with a breathtaking complexity. As with all our Gins, everything is structured around the foundational gin botanicals of juniper, coriander & angelica which, in this case, creates a crisp gin encapsulating the lush, floral character of the English countryside perfectly. Best served with a premium tonic & a slice of cucumber.

    Profile: The Elderflower and Cucumber gin is a mouth-watering spirit, with heady aromas of elderflower and cucumber, structured around juniper, coriander and angelica botanicals to create a floral character.

    Garnish: The best garnishes for floral gins such as this are ribbons or slices of cucumber, and you can add edible flowers for extra flair and fragrance.

    Tonic Pairing: We would recommend a light tonic, or if elderflower is really your thing, an elderflower tonic adds a delicately sweet flavour to the drink.

    lyme bay winery pink grapefruit gin bottle with spices and fruits

    Pink Grapefruit Gin

    This mouth-watering gin bursts with the flavours of pink grapefruit, orange peel and lime alongside the more delicate botanical aromas of juniper and elderflower. Spectacular over ice or as a different G&T serve, our Pink Grapefruit Gin is a beautiful marriage of the floral and citrus flavours for which Lyme Bay is renowned.

    Profile: Pink gins are incredibly popular. Our Pink Grapefruit gin is brimming with flavours of pink grapefruit, citrus hints of orange peel and lime alongside the delicate juniper and elderflower botanicals.

    Garnish: Bring out the grapefruit flavour even more with a twist of the fruit to garnish.

    Tonic Pairing: Our choice would be a light tonic that allows the pink grapefruit’s flavours to burst through.

    lyme bay winery orange and thyme gin bottle with spices and fruits

    Orange and Thyme Gin

    This gin draws together the bittersweet citrus flavours of blood orange with the gentle peppermint notes of thyme for a spectacular take on a classic combination. Combining with juniper, coriander & angelica, the resultant marriage is classic & classy and best served in a tall glass with a premium tonic & generous wedge of orange.

    Profile: Gin is a spirit that lends itself to be flavoured in ways other spirits aren’t, and our Orange and Thyme gin is a favourite. The bittersweet citrus flavour of blood orange combines with the gentle notes of thyme, with depths of juniper, coriander and angelica to create a spectacular and classy gin.

    Garnish: To garnish, add a wedge of orange and a sprig of thyme, as citrus gins pair well with herb garnishes.

    Tonic Pairing: A Mediterranean tonic compliments this gin fantastically, as it allows the subtle flavours to shine through.

    lyme bay winery winter gin bottle with spices and fruits

    Winter Gin

    Straight from the Jurassic coast, this winter warmer is grounded in rich, earthy tones layering black pepper & nutmeg over notes of elderberries, blackberries & a hint of burnt orange. The warm, lingering finish is reminiscent of long evenings in front of the fire – the place where Winter Gin is best enjoyed. Add a stick of cinnamon & a twist of orange if you’re feeling festive.

    Profile: Our Winter gin is grounded in earthy tones, with lingering notes of black pepper and nutmeg combined with blackberry and elderberry and a hint of burnt orange.

    Garnish: Sipping on this gin on a winter evening can be helped by adding a twist of orange peel and cinnamon stick to garnish.

    Tonic Pairing: Our choice would be a premium tonic, which will enhance the flavours while not overpowering the palate.

    The Lyme Bay Story

    Lyme Bay Winery is the home of LBW Drinks. Our small, dedicated drinks company is full of people who are passionate about producing delicious and award-winning English Wine, Fruit Wine, Cider, Mead, Liqueurs and Spirits from our home in Devon’s beautiful Axe Valley.

    Here we combine our knowledge and love of flavours and ingredients with our wine-making skills to craft award-winning traditional drinks, tailored to the 21st-century palate. Each of these amazing products is fermented, blended and aged, as appropriate, right here at the Winery under the supervision of our experienced team.


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