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    5 Ways to Enjoy Gin

    Gin 20th August 2020
    Lyme Bay Gin on Table with glasses

    You will undoubtedly be aware of the resurgence of gin in recent years, with the botanical spirit becoming more popular than ever. Since 2016, which was dubbed as ‘the year of gin’, the ‘ginassaince’ has seen the production of gin in the UK reach dizzying new heights.

    Gin was first introduced into Britain in the 17th century by soldiers returning from fighting the Dutch War of Independence and is supposedly responsible for the saying ‘Dutch courage’ when soldiers would have a tot of the spirit. But since then, manufacturers of gin have taken it to new levels, including ourselves with our excellent range of Devon gin.

    But what is the best way to enjoy gin? Should it be shaken into a cocktail, served in a classic G&T or just over ice? Below, we have looked at five different ways you can enjoy the spirit – which way is your favourite?

    Gin & Tonic

    Strawberries and cream, peanut butter and jam, gin and tonic – some things are just made to be enjoyed together! A classic gin and tonic has been a staple drink for decades and proves to be one of the most popular ways to enjoy the spirit. But of course, there are so many different tonics out there that it can often be difficult to know which pairing is the best for your gin. Luckily, we have put together this helpful gin and tonic pairing guide, complete with garnishes to be used, to help you settle on the perfect drink using any of our Devon gins.

    According to experts, there is also an art to enjoying the perfect gin and tonic. The key lies in the ice – plenty of it in the glass, as the colder the drink is, the less dilution there will be and therefore resulting in more flavour. Some experts state that you should let the ice melt a little before taking your first sip of your G&T, but this is up for debate. At the end of the day, you should drink your gin and tonic in the way that you enjoy it the most!


    Of course, the gin and tonic is arguably the most famous gin cocktail, but there are plenty more out there to be enjoyed. Whether you want to channel your inner Bond and have a Vesper Martini, or you want to take advantage of nature’s hedgerow bounty and muddle yourself together a Bramble, there are a plethora of gin cocktails out there to be explored.

    We are also partial to cocktail ourselves here at Lyme Bay and are often found putting pen to paper and sharing our favourite recipes on our blog. Keep your eye on our cocktail recipe category on our blog to find our favourite recipes not only using our gins, but also our other fantastic products.


    Baking and booze have gone hand in hand for a long while now, but recipes have become more adventurous compared to the traditional methods of soaking a fruit cake in brandy. Gin has become a very popular ingredient to be used in baking, with untold variations on the gin and tonic cake being found with just a quick Google search.

    We even put together a few of our favourite recipes that you can bake at home using Lyme Bay ingredients, which you can find here.


    Instead of drinking gin mixed, why not try it on its own or on the rocks? It is possible to enjoy the flavour of the spirit without interference from other elements, as gin does not need to be mixed with other ingredients to offer a fantastic taste.

    However, you should only really try this with premium gins. Drinking the basic range gin from your local supermarket may offer an unpleasant experience and may bring some nasty memories flooding back! However, our premium gins are perfect for enjoying over ice, and with a variety of flavours, each will offer a different taste experience than the last.

    Your Choice

    At the end of the day, the way that you appreciate your gin is entirely your choice! Everyone will have their own preferences on how to enjoy their favourite spirit, and gin is no different. Whether you have a specific flavour and tonic combo that you always go for or you have created your own cocktail using one of our Devon gins, the choice really is yours at the end of the day!

    We always enjoy hearing about how you are enjoying our products, so why not head over to our InstagramFacebook and Twitter pages and let us know your favourite way of enjoying our fantastic gins?

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