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    2020: The Year of Spiced Rum?

    Rum 31st January 2020

    There’s a new spirit in town – sales of rum are on the rise. Though gin isn’t going anywhere, Brits are clearly interested in exploring rum a bit more. White rum has traditionally been the most popular – particularly for cocktails – but flavoured, spiced and golden rums are flourishing. We have seen for years how British consumers are not afraid to experiment when it comes to trying a new drink and embracing different spirits, which is what led to gin making a comeback, and the same can be said for Brits trying out a different brand of spiced rum.

    Rum covers a range of different styles, from the sweet and spiced flavourings to aged tipples that could challenge even top-shelf Scotch whisky. With a wide variety defined by great flavours readily available, rum is a drink for everyone. The last year already showed huge growth in rum sales, but it looks like 2020 will be the year to embrace the spirit. Read on to see why rum lovers should be excited.

    Rum Cocktails

    Industry experts predict one of the biggest reasons 2020 will put rum front and centre is down to cocktails. White rum might have ruled the mixed drink space, with mojitos and daiquiris, but things are changing. As rum cocktails grow in popularity, bars will be looking at ways to be innovative and a lot of that will lie in using spiced and dark rum instead of white. If you want to make your own cocktails, take a look at our blog on what you need for homemade cocktails and try out the cocktail recipe below.

    Rum Experience

    It’s not just about trying new flavours, as embracing a new spirit also leads to a full experience. The surge of gin led to festivals and bespoke events, and in 2020 it could be the same for rum. We won’t be surprised to see pop-ups, rum cocktail masterclasses, tasting days and visits to rum distilleries in the coming year, as well as bigger turnouts for rum festivals.

    More Flavour and Spice

    Following in the footsteps of gin and the hundreds of varieties you can purchase today; you can expect to see new flavoured and spiced rums fill in the gaps in the market. Consumers are happy to experiment with alternative flavours, and it’s a way to attract more people to the drink. In the last decade, there have been more brands creating their own rum, including ourselves, and the number only looks to increase, so rum drinkers will be happy to see more innovative flavours to try out.

    Top Selling Spirit

    In the year leading up to June 2019, UK consumers bought 35 million bottles of rum – a total worth of £1bn – and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In fact, it could be the top-selling spirit in 2020, pushing gin off the podium. If you love rum as much as we do, it will be exciting to see it be a big hit on the market as more and more people are introduced to it, refining their tastes with delicious flavoured, golden and spiced rum.

    Better Quality

    Trends in the drinks industry have seen that, on average, people are drinking less but consuming higher quality drinks. Individuals are interested in the origin, age and production of what they eat and drink, particularly in relation to sustainability and supporting local businesses. This has driven them to seek out the best brands and products to consume.

    Try Our Spicy Lugger Cocktail

    Spiced rum, such as our Lugger rum, is the perfect ingredient for a cocktail. You could try it with coke, ginger beer, lemon cordial or with any fruit juice to create a tropical drink. Our favourite cocktail recipe is the Spicy Lugger – why not try it yourself!


    Two dashes Angostura bitters

    20ml strawberry and lime syrup

    50 ml Lugger Rum

    30ml Jack Ratt Sparkling Cider

    Sprig of rosemary


    • Pour the bitters, syrup and rum into a low-ball glass and stir them together.
    • Fill the glass with crushed ice and stir again to chill the drink.
    • Top up with the cider and garnish with sprigs of rosemary.
    • For added flair, flame a spice mix over the top of the cocktail, made up of icing sugar, cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder.

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