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    Must-Try Recipes with Cream Liqueurs

    Cocktail Recipes 9th December 2019
    Pouring Lyme Bay Cream Liqueur

    Cream liqueurs are a popular winter drink, perfect for the upcoming festive period with their rich, creamy texture and just the right alcohol volume; the ideal drink on a cold Winter’s evening! Our Lyme Bay cream liqueurs are blended to 17% volume in small batches, using fresh cream, mellow spirits and natural flavours. If you are treating yourself or a loved one to one of our cream liqueurs, then you might want to experiment beyond pouring over ice or drizzling on ice cream. With so many flavours available you can get really creative with the cocktails you make – read on for our favourite recipes!


    The mudslide is the quintessential boozy milkshake: sweet, creamy and not for the calorie-conscious! It is often served on the rocks and makes for the perfect after-dinner tipple as a dessert drink.


    1 measure vodka

    1 measure coffee liqueur

    1 measure cream liqueur (choose a flavoured cream liqueur for enhanced taste!)

    1 ½ measure cream


    Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain and pour over ice in a chilled lowball glass. Add chocolate shavings to garnish.

    Vanilla Chocolatini

    There are many chocolate-flavoured martinis which are a twist on the classic cocktail. Several can be called ‘chocolatini’ and all are very simple to make, needing only a few ingredients. This one is sweet, creamy and perfect for special occasions when everyone’s sweet tooth needs indulging. Our double chocolate cream liqueur is perfect for this recipe, and you can also use unflavoured vodka if you don’t want the hint of vanilla.


    1 measure vanilla vodka

    2 measures of chocolate cream liqueur

    Sprinkle of cocoa powder


    Pour the vodka and liqueur into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake well, before straining into a chilled martini glass. Add chocolate shavings or swirl chocolate sauce inside the glass to give the cocktail an eye-catching finish!

    Caramel Irish Coffee

    A traditional Irish coffee consists of hot black coffee and Irish whiskey topped with cream. It’s a popular drink for the winter weather and has many variations, such as using whipped cream instead of topping the coffee with a smooth layer of fresh cream. There is also Jamaican coffee, made with rum, or Mexican coffee with tequila. And of course, you can add in a flavoured cream liqueur for a splash of something different.


    150 ml black coffee

    1 measure Irish whiskey

    1 measure salted caramel cream liqueur

    Sugar (if you take it)

    Double or whipped cream


    Pour the hot coffee, liqueur and whiskey into a glass mug, add sugar if you want it and stir the ingredients together. Top with the cream by gently floating the double cream or whipped cream, and you can make it extra special by sprinkling on nutmeg or caramel syrup. Top tip: Preheating the glass with hot water helps keep the drink warmer for longer and choose freshly brewed coffee for a stronger taste.

    Creamy Mocha Martini

    Like the chocolatini, the mocha martini is a variant of the classic but with an added caffeine kick. You can find many recipes online on how to make one, but ours is just a few ingredients, including our new mocha cream liqueur. The rich, smooth flavour of the liqueur is the perfect addition to this cocktail and is sure to become a permanent favourite!


    2 measures of mocha cream liqueur

    1 measure of vodka

    Ice cubes


    Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until blended and smooth. Strain the mix into a martini glass and garnish with three coffee beans. You can add in an espresso shot if you want the coffee aspect to be a little stronger.

    Alcoholic Hot Chocolate

    Hot chocolate is the ideal winter-warmer drink and there are so many non-alcoholic variations it makes sense to add a splash of something stronger! Depending on your tastes, you could add all manner of Lyme Bay spirits and liqueurs, from our spicy Lugger Rum to butterscotch cream liqueur, crème de menthe to brandy, and best of all you can be creative with the garnishes too! Take a look at our boozy hot chocolate recipe below:


    ¾ mug of skimmed milk

    Two heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder or hot chocolate mix (or a handful of chocolate chips)

    1 measure of spiced rum, we recommend Lugger Rum

    1 measure of butterscotch cream liqueur

    Whipped cream



    Heat the milk in a pan, adding in the cocoa powder or melt in the chocolate chips. Add in the rum and liqueur (use a chocolate cream liqueur for an added chocolate taste) and stir together until it is all thoroughly mixed. Pour into a warm mug and add in the marshmallows, before topping with the cream. Pimp up by adding syrup or chocolate shavings to the cream to make it truly decadent!

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