• English Rose Wine
    Shoreline Rosé 2019
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    A delightful Rosé made from pinot noir, pinot précose, and dornfelder grapes. Light, juicy and balanced, Shoreline Rosé is an excellent food wine. Best served lightly chilled.

    Winemaking Notes

    2019 was a cooler year than 2018, with grapes ripening at UK norms. Our grapes were received from 24th September to 5th November and received 12 hours of maceration (skin contact) before being pressed. All parcels were fermented at cool temperatures. to retain soft, primary fruit characters and the naturally crisp structure.

    Appearance – Salmon pink in colour

    Nose – complex with aromas of cherries, hedgerow rosehip, strawberry and redcurrant

    Palate – this wine has good length and mouthfeel, with a refreshing and balanced acidity and is driven by redcurrant, cranberry and strawberry flavours.

    Diet: Volume: Alcohol By Volume (ABV):

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