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The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Mead

Mead 25th September 2020
Archaeological evidence puts mead as being one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world after traces of the honey-based drink were found in China from over 9,000 years ago....

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Jack Ratt and Lyme Bay Drinks

Rum 7th September 2020
Our Jack Ratt ciders are the founding brand upon which we began to build Lyme Bay Drinks over two decades ago. Since then we have added our Lugger Rum to...

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Celebrating International Mead Day

Mead 22nd July 2020
With our love of traditional drinks, it’ll come as no surprise that here at Lyme Bay Winery we are pretty excited about International Mead Day, which falls on August 1st...

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Drinks for Dad on Father’s Day

Rum 18th June 2020
Fathers – it’s fair to say we wouldn’t be here without them. But boy, can they be hard to buy gifts for. If you’re looking for the perfect present for...

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