• English Wine

    English Sparkling Wine vs Champagne: How do they compare?

    For centuries the English were more focused on drinking wine than producing it, and in the mind of many non-British people, lukewarm ale was the only English beverage. It’s true that because of its cold climate, wine production in England was far from ideal. Nevertheless, due to the increase in temperature in the last decade,... Read more »
    English Wine

    A Brief History of English Wine

    For centuries the English were more focused on drinking wine than producing it. In 2020, the UK ranked 5th in the world for overall wine consumption, but in terms of wine production, it won’t even make it into the top 20. Things are starting to change though. Due to its cold climate, wine production in... Read more »
    Cocktail Recipes

    The Best Mead Cocktails

    From its well-documented appearances on the all-conquering Game of Thrones TV series to a growing general interest in traditional food and drink, there are many reasons why mead – according to some, the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage – has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. We’re going to devote this article to share a few... Read more »
    English Wine

    A Quick Guide to English Wine

    The UK may have just been through the first period in living memory when all of its pubs have been closed, but those members of the public who are serious about drinking good wine will not have missed the bars too much. Wine merchants worldwide have continued to operate throughout the recent health crisis, and... Read more »
    English Wine

    Fascinating English Wine Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

    In recent years, by combining growing expertise with ideal geography, English winemakers exceeded expectations and created high-quality, sought-after wines. England has become an exciting new force in the wine world, producing world-class sparkling wines, exciting still wines, winning awards, and earning well-deserved recognition across the globe. In this article, we present to you some of... Read more »

    The Ultimate Guide to Cider

    Britain is one of the world’s leading producers of cider, with an estimated 56% of all apples grown in the UK used to create the beverage, which first came to popularity decades ago. In fact, John Evelyn, a diarist from the 17th century referred to cider as “the native English wine”. Cider has had a... Read more »
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